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My Take (Marie Claire’s “Fatties” article)

28 Oct

I’m pretty sure you all know the blog entry I’m talking about, but in case you don’t, you can read it here. Essentially, blogger Maura Kelly was asked to write an article about the reactions to the TV show Mike and Molly, which features overweight main characters.

There’s a lot to be said about this article, but I have start with: are you making fun of Sookie? Seriously? Come ON, you just don’t go there. (Yes, I know Gilmore Girls was only a TV show. But I’m still bitter about the last season.)

This is a very real and very important topic, though, so that’s the last joke I’m going to make about it, I promise. I am a huge promoter of health awareness. I believe that eating healthful foods, getting adequate exercise, and taking care of yourself means that the majority of people can be at a healthy weight. I think the trends toward obesity in our country point to huge problems that need to be addressed, and that it would be a mistake to pretend otherwise.

But when it comes down to it, people are people, plain and simple. You don’t have a right to put others down just because you’re not going through the same situation they are. What’s more, belittling them (“So anyway, yes, I think I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other … because I’d be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything.”) is not helping anyone. Do you really think that it’s healthy to tear into someone’s appearance?

It struck me while reading this article that the actors must have heard about it. And thousands of people reading the article must relate to those characters, and feel the sting of the author’s words just as clearly. No printed apology is going to make up for the disrespectful words they first read that, I imagine, are nearly impossible to forget.

Which brings me to my ultimate point: why has our society drawn sides between the “fat acceptance” camp and the “you must be X size/weight” camp? Why don’t we focus more on education and nutrition, and moving our society away from sedentary activities? Why must everything be cast in a negative light, and people pitted against each other? Because when it comes down to it, there is no us versus them. We all have healthy days and not so healthy days, good months and bad months. I don’t care how thin you are, everyone partakes in destructive behaviors. No one has a right to be self-righteous, and no one should fall to playing the victim either.

Because when it comes right down to it, we are in control. We’re in control of ourselves, whether that means seeking help for depression or other mental struggles, getting involved in exercise or nutrition, educating oneself, or thinking before we speak. In this case, it means thinking before we type. Because what we publish online is permanent. People may not read it today, they may not comment, but it still affects someone. And when has hate ever helped?


Flats, Redefined.

27 Oct

There’s a serious group of haters in the shoe world that says flats are homely or only for those select few willowy models who “don’t need” the height of heels. Well I’m 5′ tall and I disagree! I walk, dammit! Sometimes 3-4 miles a day, and it is not easy to do that in heels.

Apparently Rachel Comey agrees with me, because she’s constantly one-upping those flat-haters.

Case in point:


and when in doubt, just make a statement. Via Chanel:


Any other unabashed flat-wearers out there? Where do you find your most fashionable flats?

I Do

26 Oct

As soon as we announced our engagement, we got a barrage of “where” and “when” questions. Luckily, we had already agreed on June of 2012 and a Chicago wedding.

So now I’m going to make a confession – in the midst of a crazy amount of online venue researching, we only actually visited one. Our list started out huge and varied – museums, Lincoln Park Zoo, various lofts and factories, and intimate spaces like A New Leaf. But practicality got in the way of all of these options, either because of cost or guest list.

And then I stumbled upon Salvage One.

What is Salvage One, you ask? Only Chicago’s finest architectural artifacts shop with vintage furniture, a huge event space, and a gorgeous outdoor space.

Maybe I should just show you:

The second we walked out of Salvage One after taking a tour, R turned to me and said “I couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else after seeing that.” It’s perfect for us – big space for our huge families, room for the ceremony and reception, and a laid-back but still gorgeous atmosphere.

How did you decide on a venue? Did you know “the one” when you saw it?

Ask Me Anything…

25 Oct

I have a sorry excuse for an about me section. I’m owning up to that, I just don’t know what the hell to write about myself.

(Yes, I see the irony of posting this is on a blog, which is inherently self-centered.)

So, I’m putting this out to you guys – do you have any questions for me? Ideas about what to fill that space with? I promise to answer!

In a Perfect World…

21 Oct

I’d throw on this Prada dress, dye my hair blonde, and spend Halloween as Betty Draper.

Just Do Yoga

19 Oct

Confession time: I’m a Type A personality. As in, I need to be in charge at all times. I always feel like I need to have my life together for the outside world, and I have a hard time accepting defeat. I like to (rather pridefully) think I can do everything myself. Somehow.

Sound familiar?

About a month ago, R and I decided to try a class at local yoga school that opened by our university. We’ve been trying to get our fitness routines to align for years to no avail. I want to spend hours riding horses, he wants to spend hours lifting weights. I think my max time at the gym is 30 minutes. Including locker room time. And don’t even get me started on going for runs together – R can run six miles easy. My short legs make one mile a challenge. And frankly, I don’t think our downstairs neighbors would enjoy us rocking out to Jillian Michaels DVDs.

So yoga it was. Neither of us had ever taken a yoga class (beyond a short high school gym unit in which the teacher popped in a video tape and wheeled the TV in front of 30 yoga mats) so we had no idea what to expect going into our Level 1 Hot Vinyasa class.

The first experience was… addictive. That day, I felt the workout aspect of yoga. My muscles were positively shaking, and I looked like I had just stepped out of a pool, so much was the sweat running all over my body. But walking out, I felt loose and limber. I carried myself a little taller, I felt a little lighter.

We returned. Were told to challenge ourselves and go beyond Level 1 classes.

And that’s when Candlelight happened. Candlelight classes, of course, vary depending on who is teaching them. But my very first class was a combination of the most intense workout I’ve ever had – the kind where you’re running on willpower and strength of mind, because your body gave out long ago – and you stop. You stop thinking about the mirrors and the other people who are holyshitsomuchbetteratthishowdotheybendthatway? and just listen to your body. All the outside thoughts of the Type A personality are gone. It’s just the sweat, music, candlelight, your pounding heart, the instructor’s voice, and the smell of the incense.

I could go on about the health benefits. I could tell you about how I have muscles in places I didn’t know muscles existed, and how my energy levels have skyrocketed. But I’d do yoga even without those things. I will continue to do yoga, because it is me time. I’m not staring at a computer screen, or studying until the words bleed, or shooting morphine into a resident’s mouth. I’m not thinking about doing any of those things that day, or the next, I just am. And so, my advice to you is to just do. Just try. Trust me, it’s worth it.

one from the engagement shoot

16 Oct

I will treasure this photo forever:

How Chic

14 Oct

Awhile ago, I started a blog related to wedding planning. I kept it up for a few weeks before I realized that I don’t think about the details of our wedding that much this far out. Our date is reserved for June 23rd, 2012 at our lovely venue, but beyond that I’m not willing to commit to much. So I neglected the blog. It was a chore, and felt forced. I’m enjoying this little project much more since it gives me the freedom to post about anything (even if no one wants to the random posts!)

But today, I had a total wedding inspiration moment. I saw this picture:

How adorable would balloons like this be for photobooth accessories? We’ve been thinking about a simple DIY photobooth, and a fun backdrop and cute props are at the top of my list.

On Community

13 Oct

There’s a convenience store down the street from us called Milk & More. It’s an adorable mecca of convenient health (and not-so-healthy) food, and for the past year or so it’s been our quickie escape from the slightly ghetto world of the one run-down grocery store a few blocks away.

Of course, if you’re willing to walk a little less than a mile, you can get to a Treasure Island, a Jewel, and a Whole Foods. But sometimes it’s rainy or it’s been a long day, and a girl just wants dinner. Now. And in this way, Milk & More has more than excelled. It’s difficult being a vegan with a late night craving!

On my walk to campus a few weeks ago, I noticed a new building coming up overnight. A sign outside says “future home of Trader Joe’s.” My first reaction was one of excitement – more variety! Two buck Chuck! Just a few blocks from our apartment!

But I wonder – to what extent is this going to push Milk & More to the brink of closing? A convenience store isn’t practical when there’s a cheaper alternative right across the street. And it is literally right across the street, not even down a few blocks. A convenience store might be open a bit longer, but only by about two hours. Is that enough to sustain an independent store that needs to charge more for the same brands to stay in business? Should it?

Gentrification is a double edged sword. On one hand, it’s rarely bad for a community. It usually brings more income and a safer atmosphere. On the other hand, it can leach the personality out of a neighborhood. Some of my absolute favorite spots are the ones that other cities can’t lay claim to – Molly’s Cupcakes, LooseLeaf Tea, Mista, Wigglyville. Is there room in our instant gratification-obsessed society for the little guy?

(Think that’s a dig at Whole Foods? It’s oh-so-subtle.)

This Makes Me Want a Haircut…

12 Oct

But I’m not sure I could pull it off!

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