Bedroom Regret

2 Nov

No, not that kind of regret, silly. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I’m talking about design regret. We had a month between signing the lease for this apartment and moving in. We were broke, but needed a serious overhaul in furniture. Our living room furniture was huge – it was free from a family friend, and fit perfectly into our gigantic 4-roommate living room. And I had been living with the same bedroom furniture since I turned 18, moved out, and drove to Ikea with $500 in hand. Anyone who’s gone to Ikea lately knows that while they have some great deals, $500 doesn’t go far when you have absolutely nothing to start with.

So we needed a change, and since we weren’t hiring movers, we wanted it to be as seamless as possible. I decided to list our old bed on Craigslist. And honestly, it was a smart move. We found a buyer willing to pay over half what I paid for it, and she was willing to pick it up the day we were moving. Which meant we needed a bed that day.

Here’s where my impulsive buying kicked in. We live right near a West Elm, and they have a rewards program credit card. They were also kind of Ikea with a little better quality stuff… meaning we could afford a few things from there, but it’d be a little sturdier than our earlier furniture.

The problem? Their bedroom furniture is not my aesthetic. I liked the color of the wood, and in the big, lofty store, the chunky bed frame looked cute.

But come ON, guys. Why didn’t I know better? We don’t live anywhere remotely lofty. We live in a tiny Chicago apartment. If you spread your arms in the kitchen, you can touch both walls. Our bedroom measures 10×10. The window in it looks out on a brick wall. The chunky bed frame? Not helping!

To make matters worse, we poured everything into designing the living room and dining room. We figured we’d spend more time out there, so we could always redo the bedroom later. And it sort of paid off. I love our living area.

But we also learned we are NOT DIY furniture people the hard way. We tried to stain a pair of $30 Ikea nightstands, and they ended up, er, sad. So now we’re using them half-finished because we don’t want to put any money into buying cute handles when we just want to replace them. And I stub my toe our our bed every time I walk around to my side of it.

The money’s not there for even the cheapest of fixes. But someday, I will tackle that bedroom. And I’ll make it look something like this:’

Did you ever make decorating decisions you wish you could take back? Where does decorating fall on your list of priorities?


2 Responses to “Bedroom Regret”

  1. kjpugs November 3, 2010 at 11:39 am #

    Oh I can’t believe you can post this without a picture of your current set!!!! MUST SEE! I’m the same that our bedroom is tiny- we don’t have a bedframe- but I plan on DIY-ing some sort of a headboard…

  2. alisha November 7, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    o i love that picture! I might have to save it for my inspiration folder 🙂

    i hate purchase regrets. Is it too late to return it?

    I also hate feeling like things aren’t “done”. Sometimes I have to work really hard at reminding myself that acquiring furniture pieces that you love takes time and is a process. but damn we have this empty corner in our bedroom and i really want to put a chair this THIS SECOND.

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