Setting Goals

29 Dec

I don’t like New Year’s resolutions. In my experience, I only follow the really vague ones that can be comprehended in a zillion different ways. You know the ones – try new things, look at life more positively, make healthier choices.

But damn it, in the year that I really overhauled my eating habits for the better, took control of my fitness, and made sleeping well a priority, the holidays still got the better of me.

How does it happen? I have no idea! I didn’t give up entirely – while I certainly indulged sometimes, I didn’t do anything terribly wrong. I didn’t eat a whole cookie sheet of Christmas cookies, or suddenly tear into the processed foods.

I think it was more gradual. Starting with Thanksgiving, I was cooking for family events, which means lots of taste-testing. Then there’s the whole working full-time on my break from school, which meant that I couldn’t go to yoga and had to drive places instead of walking my normal 2+ miles per day. And since we do try to eat mostly in-season foods, there have been potatoes and other root vegetables a-plenty. Summing it up, I didn’t screw up on a grand scale, but on more of a sliding scale.

So how do you fix those mistakes that aren’t so terrible, but are more akin to the little extra snack when you’re not really hungry?

(Seriously, I don’t have an answer. Normally I’d tell you my oh-so-wise solution here, but I don’t have one.) It’s so easy to say – well, just go back to what you were doing before! And I’ll certainly make an effort to. But how do I feel better in the short term and beat this awful feeling? What do you to to stop the doom and gloom post holidays?


3 Responses to “Setting Goals”

  1. Hannah December 29, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    I’ve found keeping a food diary (along with a workout diary) is a great way to phase out those non-needed snacks. The guilt of knowing you have to write it down often outweighs the urge to snack unhealthy! (While writing in celery and peanutbutter or carrots and hummus makes you super proud.)

    With that, though – I’ve never been able to keep a food diary for more than a week or so.

  2. Mrs. JYW December 30, 2010 at 8:27 am #

    you took the words right out of my mouth sista. i don’t necessarily go crazy with over indulging on holiday treats and foods, but i’ve def been mopin around the last few days when the extra pound or two is def making me feel sluggish and overall lazy 😦

    i need a kick in the butt to curtail my ‘snacking’ and to get on a weekly workout regiment… here’s to hopin 2011!

  3. Jessica December 31, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    Being off work this whole week has KILLED me in the healthy-eating department. I’m usually so good with my salads at lunch and special K bars. I’ve just convinced myself that I have to eat the Christmas leftovers… Haha! No! I really need to kick it in gear and soon.

    Happy new year!!

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