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Currently coveting.

4 May

Isabel Marant from Stuart & Wright

Valentino flats from Net-A-Porter


Brain dump.

27 Mar

Some random musings for your Sunday:

1) I adore Pinterest. I could browse it making little inspiration lists for hours, and it’s actually productive as well, because I can make inspiration boards for upcoming shoots and not have to clutter my desktop with folders like I did for the last one. It’s nice to see everything laid out in a clean format without taking up space on your computer! My favorite way to start mornings now is a cup of coffee and some Pinterest.

It’s great for design, too. I stumbled across this gem from


2) I am so excited for our wedding, but if I could have two (ha) I would want our other wedding to be an elopement to some really romantic location with just us and a photographer. Maybe Paris or Peru. Or Italy. And I would wear this dress from Sarah Seven.  Not because it’s called the Elope Dress, just because I love it. And it’s like a short version of my actual dress, which is kind of funny.


3) It’s 32 degrees in Chicago right now. I know that we usually have some cold days in March, but it’s almost April and the weather needs to get with it already. This is getting ridiculous!

What’s on your mind this Sunday?


4 Mar

My inner Claudia Kishi just died a little.

A lot, actually.

I have to have these. Seriously, my obsession with Chicago-based designer Gabrielle Zwick is now complete. Check out her shop here – the gorgeous photo is all hers, too!


28 Jan

Hi guys, remember me? I used to blog here before life got crazy and I stopped having time to do anything but hit the pillow on my off hours.

Well, I made a pretty permanent change this week. Completely permanent, in fact: I got a tattoo! It’s my very first tattoo, and I planned it for about two years. The saga was a pretty long and boring one, mostly full of me thinking “ohmygod, do I really want to go through with this?” Somewhere in between all the freakout moments, I contacted the amazingly talented Cynthia of Cynthia Warren Design. She graciously agreed to design my garbled concept of tattoo. I think she did an amazing job, but you can judge for yourself!

So this past week, one of my very best friends was coming to the city to have a consult for her next tattoo. She’s one of those gorgeous, brave people who lets her body be her canvas. I’m not that brave, nor do I trust my fifty-year-old self enough to stay in shape and not fall prey to saggy tattoo syndrome so forearm it is. Anyway, I made an appointment at Deluxe Tattoo with Kit Hall.

She was awesome at putting up with me, the nervous tattoo virgin. I was surprised at how little the actual tattooing hurt, and how quickly it was over. We chatted for about ten minutes and voila, I had a tattoo!

The end result?

The quickest, cheapeast fashion fix. Ever.

18 Jan

Fashion is a fickle thing. It’s easy to love if you have unlimited resources, or if you’re one of those incredibly lucky (P.S., I hate you) girls who walk into a thrift store and are hit over the head with gorgeous vintage pieces in the perfect size and condition.

What, that doesn’t happen to you, either? Guess it’s not just me.

My quick fix when I’m jonesing for a fashion cleanse but my bank account is dangerously low is nail polish. I buy a new shade about once a season, and I don’t exactly play it safe. I adore nail polish because it’s relatively risk-free: you’re not dumping a bunch of money into it, and if you don’t like the color you can just take it off. Unlike an ill-advised dye job, which not only damages your hair but costs a boatload of money to correct.

So let’s start with what I’m wearing – my old classic, Chanel Dragon. I bought this – unopened – off of Ebay (no joke, check it out!) and it’s my favorite shade to wear throughout seasons.

And what I’m coveting is a whole lot of glam (Deborah Lippman):

for something more subdued, I’d love some more Chanel:

Chanel Particulière nail polish, out in January

Do you have a similar fashion go-to when you’re itching to go on a shopping spree?


9 Jan

Every winter, I get sick of my hair. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve stopped all spending on myself – clothes, haircuts, etc – for at least 3-4 months, or if it’s because it’s so gross outside that I don’t seem to exercise, but it happens every year. And every January or February, I cave and go back to the salon and make at least one drastic change.

This year I’m extra tired of my hairstyle. I have really fine, thin hair, so it gets especially dry and frizzy in the winter. I tend to throw it up in a bun because that’s what’s easiest. Sometimes it looks cute, but when I let it go, it starts to look like… well, this:


See? Blah!

I promise my hair doesn’t always look like this. In fact, when I put effort into I think it actually looks pretty nice:

So I’ve been gathering inspiration photos, for the haircut at the very least. Mostly the bangs. Because right now they’re just plain limp and offensive. Blech.

Being the indecisive person that I am, I could use some help deciding which way to go.

Option #1:

Michelle Williams is so beautiful. Whatever she does to her hair, it looks great. Whatever she wears is always effortlessly chic as well. She’s even graceful in the spotlight, and raising a gorgeous daughter. We have similar coloring so I always look to her for makeup inspiration.


Option #2:

Carey Mulligan is also super cute.These bangs are a little shorter than I usual go, but they look so whimsical.


Option #3:


Marion Cotillard is my girl crush. These bangs are also probably closest to mine now, just shaped a little differently and cleaned up. Still gorgeous.

Any thoughts on which one would look the best? Should I go for a color change as well? What’s your go-to style pick up?

In a Perfect World…

21 Oct

I’d throw on this Prada dress, dye my hair blonde, and spend Halloween as Betty Draper.

Playing Dress Up

28 Sep

In a perfect world, I would wake up in the morning and choose what to wear in front of Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. You know, the one that Big has built from her in that uh-mazing apartment in the Sex and the City movie? The one that should have been filled with her delightfully unrealistic wardrobe? It looked a little something like this:

As it is, I’m a college student with federal loans, high rent prices and a love of animals. Manolos are not exactly on my monthly shopping list.

But I’m a firm believer in fashion as expression and art- I look and feel great when I’m wearing an outfit I adore. Why stay inside when you want to strut down the street? Call me vain, but a new pair of shoes makes me far happier than cable TV or buying my daily coffee at Intelligentsia.

And the perfect outfit? Brightens my day like no other. Case in point: engagement photos.

The remedy? Local designers. In this case, Elise Bergman selling out of the lovely Roslyn boutique for a gorgeous printed skirt. And the Anthropologie online sale, which should never be underestimated.

(Photo taken by the lovely Olivia Leigh of Olivia Leigh Photographie.)

Where do you stand with fashion? Do you have a love/hate relationship, or was it love at first sight?

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