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What this vegan eats, day four.

21 Apr

Day four already! Craziness. I can’t believe it’s going by so fast.

As always, we’re assuming cereal and coffee here!

From top:

homemade mushroom, carrot, snap-pea, corn, and cauliflower stir-fry with brown rice

orignial recipe baked beans (can from Whole Foods)

smoothie! they may be like dessert to me…


What this vegan eats, day three. (And some musings.)

20 Apr

Day three, aka yesterday, was also known as “the day where they shut the water off before nine and didn’t turn it on until after six thirty.” Of course, this and the resulting pile of dishes sitting in the sink, unwashable, meant we had to be a bit creative. So I guess right now this series could be more accurately called “what this vegan eats when she’s trying to make as few dishes as possible.”

As a side note, unless otherwise noted, I had cereal and coffee for breakfast. Just trust me on this one, at six in the morning I’m not in a place to whip up something fresh and amazing. That would be an alternate universe Anni, one who could function before coffee and wasn’t so effing cold every morning that she walked around in blankets. And no, our apartment is not to blame for this. I’m just a naturally cold person, I guess, because I have yet to travel anywhere where I woke up and thought “now that’s perfect.” Not even Orlando in July. And that’s saying something. But I digress… yesterday’s food, sans cereal and coffee, looked a little something like this:

Shown: Blueberry bliss smoothie  plus a lovely tupperware container of brown rice, black beans, and cheddar Daiya. 

Not shown: the slice of whole wheat bread with almond butter I had on a paper towel. It just looked a little too sad to photograph! Maybe when there’s a plate involved, I’ll feel better. 

The good news is, our water was supposed to be off again today, but when I got home at 2:00 it was on. I’m crossing my fingers this means they’re done with all the repairs, and we can finally get back to normal water as scheduled, with none of this no water pressure or no hot water crap.

What this vegan eats, day two.

19 Apr

I’m back and ready to go – and still excited – about my “what this vegan eats” series. Of course, I’ll be more excited when our awesome vintage pipes get their act together and stop needing work done because, guys, our sink looks like WWIII right now with nary a drop of water in sight. I’m considering heading over to World Market just to get some dishes to use in the interim.

Anyway, we did have water yesterday, so here’s what I ate!

From top:

Obligatory cereal, almond milk, and coffee

Toasted sourdough bread (one slice, cut in half) brushed with olive oil, topped with avocado and heirloom tomatoes

Grilled eggplant, zucchini, and asparagus 

Whole Foods mutli-grain veggie sushi, tofu spring rolls, and veggie egg rolls (Ross and I split these plates.) 

Glass of red wine, necessary for talking about Paris. 

Blueberry bliss.

30 Mar

In the spring, I go absolutely nuts over smoothies. I think it’s the fruit cravings (as in, I could eat nothing but fruit in the spring and be happy, albeit not healthy) and the slightly sinful texture.

Recently we’ve been making these:

I think they’re heavenly, but you should probably try them for yourself. I (very, very loosely) started with the intention of making a Green Monster smoothie but obviously the blueberries had other ideas. All of my ingredient amounts are eyeballed, but this is the basic recipe I start with, and then I taste it to make sure it’s up to previous blueberry bliss standards.

Blueberry Bliss Smoothie

1 frozen banana, pre-cut
1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen spinach
1/4 cup peanut butter
1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk

It’s absolutely imperative that all your  fruit is frozen, otherwise you won’t get the awesome ice cream-like texture.

My Body, My Self.

10 Nov

Generally speaking, I’m a healthy eater. You won’t see any meat or dairy in our apartment (except the pet food!) and we eat mostly fresh fruits and veggies, beans, and whole grains. When we splurge on junk, it’s unprocessed junk, like homemade or local vegan treats or dark chocolate with all natural peanut butter.

But (gasp!) we have our bad days. And this week has been a bad week. We’re both emotional eaters, and that just spirals. Last Tuesday, we found out that a favorite resident (who actually lived in R’s parents’ house for five years) had died suddenly. His funeral was Saturday, and we’re just wrapping up classes and preparing for finals.

Instead of eating healthy and keeping up the yoga like we should have, it nearly stopped. There was a funeral luncheon, busy nights, and some comfort chocolate. I think we’ve all been to that place, and it’s not pretty.

But today I was reading Christopher Hitchens’ column on Vanity Fair, Miss Manners and the Big C. For anyone who doesn’t know, Hitchens has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer and is currently undergoing intensive chemotherapy. It’s an eloquent column (per usual) in and of itself, and deserves a read.

But one point really stuck out to me. Hitchens says “I don’t have a body, I am a body.”

I don’t have a body, I am a body. How I treat my body is how I am treating myself. I’m not suggesting no more dark chocolate in the face of a really emotional night. But I know that I really went wrong in not sticking with yoga for the week. Because when I do yoga, I don’t want to put crap into my body. Sure, I might indulge a little, but Im very conscious of what I ask my body to do, and eating junk makes it so much more of a struggle that it’s easy to resist.

Instead, I listened to the part of myself that lives for instant gratification. It’s that little kid inside of all of us: “but I don’t want to stop watching TV” “but it’s cold out and I don’t want to take the dog any farther.”

It’s a cycle – biofeedback. Now my body is telling me that it’s sluggish and tired, and so I sleep or stay inside. I’m not going to snap out of this by thinking, I have to do.

I am my body, I need to do. What is it that your body needs? Do you have a hard time listening to it?

Just Do Yoga

19 Oct

Confession time: I’m a Type A personality. As in, I need to be in charge at all times. I always feel like I need to have my life together for the outside world, and I have a hard time accepting defeat. I like to (rather pridefully) think I can do everything myself. Somehow.

Sound familiar?

About a month ago, R and I decided to try a class at local yoga school that opened by our university. We’ve been trying to get our fitness routines to align for years to no avail. I want to spend hours riding horses, he wants to spend hours lifting weights. I think my max time at the gym is 30 minutes. Including locker room time. And don’t even get me started on going for runs together – R can run six miles easy. My short legs make one mile a challenge. And frankly, I don’t think our downstairs neighbors would enjoy us rocking out to Jillian Michaels DVDs.

So yoga it was. Neither of us had ever taken a yoga class (beyond a short high school gym unit in which the teacher popped in a video tape and wheeled the TV in front of 30 yoga mats) so we had no idea what to expect going into our Level 1 Hot Vinyasa class.

The first experience was… addictive. That day, I felt the workout aspect of yoga. My muscles were positively shaking, and I looked like I had just stepped out of a pool, so much was the sweat running all over my body. But walking out, I felt loose and limber. I carried myself a little taller, I felt a little lighter.

We returned. Were told to challenge ourselves and go beyond Level 1 classes.

And that’s when Candlelight happened. Candlelight classes, of course, vary depending on who is teaching them. But my very first class was a combination of the most intense workout I’ve ever had – the kind where you’re running on willpower and strength of mind, because your body gave out long ago – and you stop. You stop thinking about the mirrors and the other people who are holyshitsomuchbetteratthishowdotheybendthatway? and just listen to your body. All the outside thoughts of the Type A personality are gone. It’s just the sweat, music, candlelight, your pounding heart, the instructor’s voice, and the smell of the incense.

I could go on about the health benefits. I could tell you about how I have muscles in places I didn’t know muscles existed, and how my energy levels have skyrocketed. But I’d do yoga even without those things. I will continue to do yoga, because it is me time. I’m not staring at a computer screen, or studying until the words bleed, or shooting morphine into a resident’s mouth. I’m not thinking about doing any of those things that day, or the next, I just am. And so, my advice to you is to just do. Just try. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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