The Best of Sale Shopping

9 Nov

If there was a talent competition in shopping, I’d win.

Does that sound vain? I swear I’m not. But nothing gives me a feeling of satisfaction like knowing I got a great deal on something I adore. Sure, it has its awkward moments – while I was browsing in Barney’s CoOp the other day, the salesgirl asked me where I got my Alexander Wang bag, and when I said Ebay she didn’t quite know how to react. But I got that bag new with tags for over 50% off of retail price (who really cares what season a bag comes out?) and that, to me, is worth it!

So, I thought I’d start a weekly feature on here where I scour online sale sections and post some of the best finds. I decided to start with Anthropologie, because it’s an old classic. They’ve given me some great deals, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. For instance, the time I decided to splurge on a really cute lamp, and I got it for $10 because it wasn’t ringing up. Or the time we got our couch for 50% off because the leg had been damaged when it was being moved into the store.

And of course, my engagement photo top was less than $30 at Anthro’s online sale!

So, today’s picks:

red dresses work almost all year round, and I think this dress would be a great transition from fall to winter. It’s $60 here.

For anyone planning a winter getaway, this super cute vintage bikini top is $20. I have this same one in navy with dots, and use it with a couple different bottoms. It’s really flattering for a C cup or anyone who needs a little more support than your typical unlined/no underwire bikinis. You can check it out on Anthro’s website. The matching bottom is for sale for $10 here.

And because statement pillows are worth a little splurge, this beauty is $50 here.

Happy Tuesday!


One Response to “The Best of Sale Shopping”

  1. TheHistoryofUs November 22, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    I would love to see a savings post! I am thinking of adding some posts about this to my blog because I too love a great deal!

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